Marc Martin is a french photographer and pornmaker, based in Berlin. He created the Pig-Prod label in 2008 and the collective “Things that Stink” in 2012. In 2015, he published “Dur Labeur” a book with hundreds of sexy workers and filthy blokes. This year, he shared “Fallos” with Arthur Gillet : a book and exhibition mirror of pictures and sculptures.

Between poetry and pornography :
Marc Martin turns the spotlight into the darker zones of erotic play, and confront our notions of beauty and repulsion; of good and bad taste. His dirty art “man-smells”. He loves punks, prolls, workers and lovely words; pigs and flowers too.
Marc Martin shoots men without gimmickry. He prefers men from the streets instead of self-proclaimed beauties. He strolls with ease at the confluence of pornography and poetry.

Next exhibitions:
“FALLOS” at COPENHAGEN (Denmark) August 16th/21st (Gallerie LB)
“INSTINCT” at BERLIN (Germany) September 8th/12th (Village)

Dirty Job by Marc Martin

Fotos & Diagramação: Marc Martin